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'Euclidean and 3D Art'

Statement from the Artist:

"The Mother of Euclidean Art"

I have been an artist for many years and my work has included traditional painting, graphic design, visual and also interpretative concept art and I have also authored, developed and illustrated my own art course, of which, I designed, developed and I taught professionally alongside certificate courses in graphic design and web design to hundreds of students world wide via Australia's largest online vocational educational colleges and organisations.

My work and styles have grown and evolved over time which, of course, is their very nature to do and as an Artist, Illustrator and Designer, I would like to introduce you to my new and evolved artistic genre of artistic expression:

'Euclidean & 3D Art'

(Pronounced Yew-clid-e-anne).

This is a brand new development in the art world and encompasses my own unique and individually developed techniques that I utilise to tap into and create the myriad of visual insights inspired by my imagination.

My work as an artist involves enabling my initial idea to grow and to visualise the end piece before it has even begun and then watch it come to life and evolve as I work through a variety of steps and conceptual perspectives.

When a piece is completed, I want to enable my inspiration to shine through creatively and have the work really engage with the viewer in a positive and meaningful way, ensuring its indelible survival within the modern and future constructs of display and viewable platforms.

My Euclidean Art is 'Consciously Sustainable and Different' and I want it to make the 'Maximum Visual Impact on the viewer'.

I have developed this style of art based on the perceptions and visual interpretations I create using the principles of my intuition, imagination, perspective, mathematics, distance, space and dimension.

I incorporate all of these elements, together with many years of artistic and professional training and experience in production and design so that within each conceptual piece, I may then connect all of the elements together to draw and create unique and eye catching works of 'Euclidean & 3D Art'.

In a nutshell, Euclidean Art is an expression of my own creativity produced in my own style which defines the world around me and the environment and times in which we all live.

It is my interpretation of progressive art and it is the predictability of its own evolvability and growth to reach beyond what has been considered the 'normal boundaries of artistic expression' and just as mankind reaches out in space to create new worlds on distant planets, I, as an artist, through my Euclidean & 3D Art explore and create a new world of expression in all of its beauty and perceivable dimensions.

A fitting analogy would be to describe my art as:

'Painting portraits of the progressive face of life in a permeable, intuitive and perceptive way to view the 21st Century.

Euclidean & 3D Art has arrived and it is here to be enjoyed by all.

Statement written by Tracey L Warren

(Edited July 2020)



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Specialty Print Orders Available on High Quality SRA3 Paper

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